My name is Kayla and I am the Primal Otter. In the last year, I have become an advocate for sustainable living and healthy, whole food living. I started this blog with the hopes of reaching out to people about nutrition, and most importantly near and dear to my heart, food allergies. I’ve spent the past few years in the dark trying to manage my food allergies with limited and contradictory information, that I hope to reach others like myself so we can support each other. Although, many of the subjects will be Paleo related, the most important subjects are health, happiness, and living with a respect for God and nature.

Blog photo 2

Just kidding. This is me.

My husband and I hope, through this blog to talk about not only the journey of starting our life together as a married couple but also as mini farmers. We recently got our first batch of chickens and the steps toward living sustainably through the work that we put in is beginning. Someday we want to say that most of our food came from our yard, and want to raise our children to believe that the earth deserves our love and respect as well. Hopefully, we can help and encourage those who want to make those same steps toward simplicity.


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