What my blog will say…

Well, what I will try to say. The whole thought of starting a blog in some ways seems so easy and then sometimes, it is so intimidating. What if no one likes it? What if people say mean things? What if I start it and then give up on it? And then the subjects. What do I talk about? Well, I’m interested in a little bit of everything. A friend of mine writes a blog called A Brand New We and she focuses on a few different things. She talks about being a new wife and does blog posts about all the amazing DIY stuff that she does. She is incredibly talented so they are always fascinating. And let’s be honest, if I didn’t think she was so amazing, I would probably be way more jealous of her.

But I am getting off subject. I decided that I must do this blog for a number of reasons. One of those is that I believe that living in harmony with our bodies and with the earth is detrimental to our physical and mental health. I believe that we are taught incorrectly about food and health. Another reason is that I have struggled (what I really mean is struggling) with food allergies and I want to educate everyone about allergies. Well, allergies in layman’s terms at least, I am definitely not a scientist. I also want to talk about sustainable living, about not depending on anyone or any program to feed, educate, or heal yourself and your family.

I think I could probably go on for days about the things that will come up in this blog.  You will see things about relationships, gardening, chickens, dogs, and pretty much anything and everything.

First actual subject post coming soon. I think to start, I want to talk about the importance of staying positive in the face of food allergy restrictions.


4 thoughts on “What my blog will say…

  1. *blush* !! Thanks for that.

    Also, I CAN FINALLY SEE YOUR BLOG!! (I think maybe my iPhone hates wordpress?)

    I’m so excited for you. I think blogging is just one of those things you have to jump in to. It can be sporadic and not make sense…and the people that love you will still show up and support it. 🙂

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